Install laravel 5 via composer

How to install Laravel 5 via composer

To install laravel5 via composer required php environment and mysql if use artisan

Kindly make sure you install php and mysql.

Please see link to install nginx, php, mysql

>> Install Nginx, PHP, Mysql on ubuntu 16


On terminal:

1. Install composer

//for Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install composer

//for centos

sudo yum install composer

2. Test composer using the command

3. Install laravel[Excute below command]

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

It will create the the blog directory with all dependency.

4. After install go to blog directly using below command

cd blog

5. Run below command to create environment to run Laravel
Each time you required to run this command to run the laravel

php artisan serve

6.Run laravel on browser and paste below


It will display the laravel default page.

7. Edit config/database.php file to edit database and app.php to setup environment[prodution or dev]

Please refer youtube video for install laravel 5 via composer

Also please refer laravel doc


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